Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Background Check

Want to know more about Judge Dread Roberts, corporate bagman, champion of mountain-top removal mining, recreational guzzler of Pepto-Bismol? Cockburn and St. Clair are on the case.

And no molly-coddler of criminals, he: Roberts Upheld Arrest of 12-Year Old for Eating French Fries on the Subway.

Meanwhile, the wife of the affable bagman turns out to be a big-time Right-wing player: a top member of the anti-choice group "Feminists for Life" (yes, another of those inverted Orwellian titles that Bushists love so well) and a high-roller in the Iraq war pork stakes, as intrepid investigator Margie Burns reports.

Strip mining, mountain killing, womb controlling, child arresting, war profiteering: why, the dread pirate Roberts is a veritable poster boy for the Bushist Way! All this, and an eager beaver protege of race-baiting, vote-suppressing William Rehnquist, foisted on the Court as a sick joke by Richard Nixon! Get this man to the High Bench pronto!

Update: Max Blumenthal informs us that Roberts was also the attorney for Fox Television when it successfully thwarted government regulations against media saturation by a single conglomerate. A bagman for Rupert Murdoch too! Can this guy be any more perfect? What next? Is he Jesse Helms' secret love child?