Monday, May 23, 2005

Department of Correction

I'm afraid I have to apologize -- humbly, sincerely -- for my intemperate rant of last week concerning the murder of prisoners by American forces in Afghanistan. In that harsh outpouring, I gave the impression that the Bush Administration was not moving swiftly to rectify any unfortunate abberations in its entirely humane system of incarceration and interrogation.

But this morning comes news from the Associated Press that would cause even the bitterest Bush-bashing dissident to hang his head in shame at the injustice being done to the Commander-in-Chief's sterling reputation as a man of honor. AP tells us that one of the military policemen who helped beat a prisoner to death in Bagram has been given exemplary punishment by a U.S. military court. Yes, for his direct role in "pulpifying" the legs of a chained and helpless prisoner, who died of a pulmonary embolism caused by blood clots formed from the beatings, Specialist Brian E. Cammack has been slapped with...a three-month sentence.

Obviously, such stern retribution sends a clear message throughout the Bush Administration's entire system of compassionate conservative concentration camps. And that message is: If by some freak chance your torture duties are exposed, you will be gently removed from the scene with nominal punishment -- as long as you don't rat out your superiors, of course.

What better example of honor and morality can be offered in these troubled times? Thank you, wise Commander! Thank you!