Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A Change is Gonna Come: The New Empire Burlesque


There is now a new upgraded version of Empire Burlesque , designed by open-source wizard Richard Kastelein, of V.O.F. Expathos. You can find it here.

If you ever have any trouble with the new site -- if it's been hacked, or suffering temporary technical difficulties -- you can check back at this old site, which from today [July 7, 2007] will be mirroring the new site (at least for major pieces), and will pick up the slack in case of any downtime in the new digs. You can also find my pieces at EB's sister site, Atlantic Free Press.

So if you are a regular reader -- or have just wandered in here looking for jpegs of Gypsy Rose Lee – why not make the transition now? In addition to the usual stemwinding blather from your correspondent, you'll also find music, a 24-hour news feed, streaming media, membership benefits and more. It's the all-new Empire Burlesque. As the man says: "Don't you dare miss it!"

What's that new address again?